Analysis of thermal-elastic geomechanical processes on the base of complex deformational monitoring data

The thesis applies for the original geodynamical investigations of the Transcarpathians territory. New laser-digital techniques of tension and weather-temperature observations on the base of author’s implementations were used. Such techniques  allow to observe and study sub-low geological processes and movements before, during and after earthquakes, create a of tension and weather-temperature data base, make complex analyses and processing of geophysical information.

Geodynamics of Tereblja-Riksky technogenic range

On the basis of results of the complex analysis of the given geodetic measurements and geological studying of territory of Tereblja-Riksky derivational hydroelectric power station the geodynamic model of interaction of engineering constructions and the geological environment is created. Recommendations for carrying out of monitoring of geodynamic processes are offered.

Stress-strain state of Rosynsk block of the shield for upstream of the Ros’ river (Fursy – Borschahivka)

The purpose of this work is to fulfill tectonophysical study of the Earth's crust of the area of the river Ros upstream, followed by the petrological and isotope-geochemical study of rocks for the subsequent construction of geodynamic model of the western part of the Ukrainian shield (USH). Until recently, this part of the USH was the least studied using geological and geophysical methods. This article presents new results of tectonophysical and geological study of the area upper crust, performed in 2015.

Оцінка деформативності підсилених залізобетонних балкових елементів

In the article problem of expedience strengthening reinforce-concrete constructions is considered with reference on experience the use different methods strengthening, which are presented in literary sources. The analysis researches and publications is conducted from the calculation deformations concrete, armature, size bendings the increased reinforce-concrete beam elements. Dependence influence relative level previous loading is taken into account on deformation concrete and armature, curvature and bendings reinforce-concrete standards.

Dynamics of postseismic tectonic deformations

Aim. The purpose of researches – continuous monitoring observations of geophysical fields, determined by the need of fundamental and applied geophysics and geology for reliable and detailed regional data on the behavior in time and space components of geophysical fields generic modern dynamics of the earth's crust, especially in seismically active regions. Such data are also needed to evaluate the durability and reliability of critical and dangerous geological and geotechnical hazards.

Geophysical observations in Zakarpattia and their results

Purpose. The aim of the research is the analysis of the results of complex geophysical observations in the area Oach fault, the study of the influence of meteorological parameters on seismodynamic condition, geodynamic connection parameters with parameter variations of geophysical fields, calculations of the parameters of the dynamic nature in deformation processes in the region, which can be used as characteristics of the geophysical processes of the earth's surface in the zone of possible local earthquakes. Methodology.

Deformations rocks Uman, Novograd-Volynsk and Novoukrainsk massif betvin the 2,02 – 2,05 ga tektonic research

Purpose. Lithosphere Ukrainian shield (US) presented of the mosaic blocks that have a different configurations in a different times and belong to different continental fragment in early Archaean probably. Geodynamic models are exist in the present time of the northwestern (Volyn, Bug, Rosinsk blocks) and central (Ingul block) parts of the US that are not related. Construction of a common model geodynamic development of the entire western part of the US is not yet possible in the Proterozoic that is important to solve paleogeodynamic issues in the Precambrian.

Seismicity, geology, seismotectonics and geodynamics of Tereblya-Ritska HPS area (Ukrainian Transcarpathians)

Purpose. The aim of the work is to conduct the complex analysis of seismicity, geology, seismotectonics and difference scale geodynamic processes in the Tereblya-Rika hydro power station (HPS) area in the Ukrainian Transcarpathians (23.35-23.87ºS, 48.23-48.51ºN) to refine estimation of geo-ecological risks. Methods.