Understanding the tradition, innovation and national identity of examples of wooden temple buildings, in particular, Ukrainian churches, certain trends are identified, which in their essence become the main ones, regarding the intensity of development in temple construction. The factors of tradition and innovation are identified as important mediums for establishing the national identity of the image of wooden temple buildings, and their expression in the modern temple-building process of creating a Christian shrine.

Рredominant microflora of natural and wastewaters of lviv region

Quantitative and qualitative composition of microorganisms have been determined by the microbiological methods of the analysis of natural waters and industrial wastewater. It is shown that the dominant microflora of the studied waters are Diplococcus, Sarcina, Bacillus, Pseudomonas bacteria types, blue-green algae of Oscillatoria types, as well as Saccharomyces yeast types. Morphological, physiological and cultural characteristics of colonies grown on nutrient media were studied to identify microorganisms.

On application of the histogram of oriented gradients method to vehicles identification

Development of theoretical background, methods and algorithms for identification of visual objects has begun when the first computers appeared. Application of various object recognition techniques in modern technical systems is boosted by fast development of powerful, small and relatively cheap digital devices for data processing that become more and more common these days. In this paper, we study the application of the histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) method to the problem of identification of three kinds of vehicles: cars, planes and ships.

On a method of image reconstruction of anisotropic media using applied quasipotential tomographic data

An algorithm for solving the coefficient problems of parameter identification of anisotropic media using applied quasipotential tomographic data is modified for the case of presence of more specific a priori information about the eigendirections of the corresponding conductivity tensor.  Its application is quite common in practice, in particular, in medicine, where the object of such study may be the medium with fibrous or layered areas (which includes muscles, bones, etc.), inside which there are streams of non-spherical particles (e.g.

Spatial modeling of multicomponent pollution removal for liquid treatment under identification of mass transfer coefficient

A generalized spatial mathematical model of the multicomponent pollutant removal for a liquid treatment is proposed. Under the assumption of domination of convective processes over diffusive ones, the model considers an inverse influence of the determining factor (pollution concentration in water and sludge) on the media characteristics (porosity, diffusion) and takes into account the specified additional condition (overridden condition) for estimation of the unknown mass transfer coefficient of a small value.

Estimation method for a set of solutions to interval system of linear algebraic equations with optimized “saturated block” selection procedure

The paper substantiates the necessity of applying a new method for the formation of a set of basic equations in the problem of localizing solutions to an interval system of linear algebraic equations (ISLAE) on the basis of a “saturated block”. The method is based on  solving the problem of optimization. Th e minimization of the maximal prediction error by using interval models the parameters of which belong to the localization area of ISLAE solutions is  chosen as a criterion.

On a numerical quasiconformal mapping method for the medium parameters identification using applied quasipotential tomography

The problem of parameters identification of the bursts of the medium conductivity coefficient according to the tomography of the applied quasipotentials is considered. The method of image reconstruction is suggested, according to which the problem of analysis is reduced to the application of numerical methods of quasiconformal mappings, and the problem of synthesis is reduced to the solving the problem of parametric identification. The results of numerical experiments are presented and their analysis is carried out.

Methods of parametric sensitivity reduction of a field-oriented controlled drive

The well-known problem of parametric sensitivity of a field oriented controlled induction motor drive is considered. The analytical method is offered for parametric sensitivity investigation. Using the results obtained with this method and results obtained by the mathematical models, conclusions are drawn and recommendations for the parametric sensitivity reduction are made. The effective method for the identification of IM parameters at a standstill is proposed.

The mathematical model of glucose dynamics in blood over 24-hour period

The article is concerned with the problem of controlling the glucose concentration in blood with minimal application of invasive measuring. The mathematical model of digestion of recepted glucose, which depends on the volume of consumed carbo­hydrates (instantaneous, fast, slow) has been developed. The mathematical model is built for long-term observa­tions with the use of specially organized expe­riments. The blood glucose level depends on the intensity of the effect of insulin, that is why the model of insulin dynamics has been developed either.