deep structure

Petrology interpretation of deep structure of Ingul'skyi megablok of the Ukrainian shield due to geophysical data

The analysis of inner structure of the earth crust of Ingul'skyi megablok of the Ukrainian shield is carried out, features and nature of anomalous change of deep parameters of surface of component parts of crust are established, degree of her maturity is determined. Favourable factors on different deep levels and the surface of basement,, which are "responsible" for transporting of mantle fluidsaturated melt to the surface and their spatial localization on the surface of basement are determined.

Construction of the geodynamic models of the seismic active regions of the earth (the Neftegorsk earthquake, Sakhalin island)

The constructed model for a deep structure of the lithospere under the Neftegorsk earthquake region shows that North Sakhalin consists of the North Sakhalin sedimentary basin, the Deryugin basin and the ophiolite complex located between them. The ophiolite complex composed of the the ultrabasic rocks, fixes the position of the ancient subduction zone which was active about 100-60 million years ago. On a surface the subduction zone manifests itself as deep faults running along Sakhalin.