upper mantle

Geoelectric parameters of upper mantle in western Ukraine and around the observatory Pleschinitsa

The results of one-dimensional inversion of generalized curves of magneto-telluric and magneto-variational soundings in south-western region of the East European platform are shown. Existence of a conductive layer at depths exceeding 600 km is confirmed in large parts of Ukraine and Belarus. The resistance of upper mantle within the territory of Belarus at depths of 250-400 km is about 2 times lesser than in Ukraine, and is about 20 Ohmm in Belarus and 50 Ohmm in Ukraine. 

The terrain concept of evolution of the deep structure of Earth’s crust and upper mantle in the North-Sea of Okhotsk depression and in the adjacent land

Purpose. Using new data on the deep structure of the crust and upper mantle and on paleogeodynamics, resulting from complex interpretation, a model of platectonic development of the transition zone northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk – Eurasia was developed. To show the role of terrains in the development of Okhotsk microplate paleosubduction, appearance of Okhotsk-Chukchi volcanogenic belt and its latter closing.