The vision of technology's effect upon human being in the context of the development of artificial inteligence (Review of Max Tegmark’s Book “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”[Ukrainian language edition], 432 p. Kyiv, 2019)

The book “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” was considered in the review. This book was the first translated into Ukrainian language and originally written by American mathematic, physicist – Max Tegmark (Professor, MIT).  The author explains the wide problem field related to the appearance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He describes transformations which threaten human himself and the whole world as a result of creating AI. Humankind can lose its special status of an intelligent creature.

Classic Understanding of a Human Being and Its Significance in the Epoch of Different "Posts" (Review of Viktor Petrushenko’s Monograph “A Human Being Who is Searching for Being (Three Talks on the Main Things) ” , Lviv: Publishing House Magnolia, 2019.)

In the reviewed monograph refers to a personality as a sensible and intelligent being, of his knowledge and values, of freedom and consciousness, which are manifestations of the aspiration of a personality towards being. The main way of human existence in the world is to be a personality. Today, there is a danger of levelling the personal beginning of human existence, when the science of man is increasingly naturalized, neurolyzed and computerized. Such a levelling leads to post-humanism and post-humanity. It is on one side.

Рhilosophical and legal smyslozmistovnoho measurement problem deviant consciousness

The article is devoted to one of the main problems of philosophy of law, namely the phenomenon of deviant minds, including its smyslozmistovniy essence. The attention is focused on solving the fundamental problem of social science: the study of the meaning and content of the factors that motivate people to deviant minds. The author analyzes the determinants that influence the formation of deviant consciousness and its manifestations.

A tireless fighter for the rights and freedom of Ukrainian people (to the 160 anniversary of I. Franko)

Scientific-theoretical and revolutionary activity of the genius of the Ukrainian people Ivan Franko directed to the social and national liberation of Ukrainian people struggle for its rights and freedoms is being observed.

Anthropology phenomenon of personality

Analyzes the philosophical principles of Emmanuel Mounier personalist concept and identifies its impact on the philosophical currents of the twentieth century. Studied existential philosophical principles and major categories that uses existentialism in the interpretation of the rights and specificity of its existence. Conceptual phenomenology content through the analysis of the concept of "I", highlights the main dimensions of anthropological philosophy in the context filosofemy Max Scheler.

Mental properties of legal consciousness

In the article the theoretical aspects of the content of the legal mentality are analyzed. Particular attention is focused on the question of man’s place in the mentality (anthropology mentality). The attention is paid on the primary human factor – consciousness in conjunction with the subconscious. Particularly relevant for the legal right mentality is mental law, subconscious law and legal consciousness. These all concepts arised from natural and supernatural law and are clarified and specified whether legal anthropology.

Historiography research problems of deviant behavior: trends and directions

The article analyzes the scientific work of domestic and foreign scholars dedicated to thehistoriography of deviant behavior of the individual. The main theoretical and methodological approaches that have emerged as part of modern historiography to study the problem. Defined thematic orientation work, their characteristics and features, singled out the overall trends research deviant behavior. Exposed the most topical at the present stage of science methods of studying the abovementioned issues.

Phenomenon personality in the philosophy of neo-thomism

The article substantiates the relevance of the study of the phenomenon of personality in the philosophy of neo Thomism; individual phenomenon determined by the category of spirituality, identity, autonomy, and self-esteem, initiative, self-improvement, love. It is proved on the basis of philosophical treatises on individual autonomy neo-Thomism created the world, and the nature of society, not a supernatural being – God. The essence of autonomy is, in fact, that “personality turned to God” that “she must surrender to him completely”.

Individually socialization: philosophical and legal dimension

Article meaningful philosophical category of “personality”, its essence and definition, found the place and the role of the individual in the philosophical and legal context, presented the main characteristics of the individual. Based on significant source base covers basic methodological approaches to the abovementioned problems.