Classic Understanding of a Human Being and Its Significance in the Epoch of Different "Posts" (Review of Viktor Petrushenko’s Monograph “A Human Being Who is Searching for Being (Three Talks on the Main Things) ” , Lviv: Publishing House Magnolia, 2019.)

In the reviewed monograph refers to a personality as a sensible and intelligent being, of his knowledge and values, of freedom and consciousness, which are manifestations of the aspiration of a personality towards being. The main way of human existence in the world is to be a personality. Today, there is a danger of levelling the personal beginning of human existence, when the science of man is increasingly naturalized, neurolyzed and computerized. Such a levelling leads to post-humanism and post-humanity. It is on one side.

Аxiological nature of law: epistemological approach

It was established that the right has all predicates values, first it is value, and consequently hierarchical, orderly, subordinated social system, function is the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the balance of social life. Secondly, since the right's value is inherently entity focused on the implementation of the above functions, it is some system “be appropriate”, and thus the system of mandatory, semantic (related content) oriented ideal entities – the norms of social and communication people.

Conceptual Model for Economic Evaluation of Innovative Technologies

The conceptual model for economic evaluation of innovative technologies that focuses on the consumer value thereof has been developed. Contemporary role and significance of the value that is laid in the technology and is a condition for their innovativeness have been substantiated, a set of tools for practical implementation of the proposed model established.

Value of law: anthropological dimension

In the article the social value of law as the determining feature of the legal and social reality. The right is seen not only as a compulsory code of conduct in society, and as a full element of social reality that affects all of the structural system of social processes. In particular, the fundamental methodological problems studied law epistemological limits and possibilities of knowledge of law, the right relationship with the professional culture of lawyer, legal philosophical understanding of reality, unity of values and truth in the law.

Interpretation of values: praxeological aspect

The proposed article includes analysis of changes in interpretations of the nature of property rights in the process of scientific study. Category analyzed the social value of law aspects and determining influence on society. We study the types of the law society, the effects are determined by legal impact and their effectiveness. In particular, clarified the issuepraxeological aspect rights values in the life of society and established a set of factors required for the establishment of values in modern society.

Problem of methodological demarcation law

The article discusses current issues methodological problems of demarcation law describes the basic scientific approaches to determine the definition of law. An attempt to solve the traditional concept of discourse to the world, mainly western jurisprudence methodological problems. It is proved that from the standpoint of methodology knowledge of the entire analysis was erected on level epistemological procedures that do not derive to understand the content of the right, which, above all, viewed the problem of understanding and interpretation of the idea of law.

Social value and orientations in professional activity of young specialists, graduates from universities of Ukraine

The article covers the notion of professional activity of young specialists, graduates from universities of Ukraine, that under modern socially-economical and politically-legal conditions carry out essential functions in all the social branches of society, the development, functioning of the state, and their professional activity stands as a major social value.

Role of marketing in intermodal transport

Intermodal transport is a transportation technology which requires marketing support. The author discusses the role of marketing and cooperation to create value both for the client and the intermodal transport operator. Especially the role of cooperation is highlighted as it influences the integration of intermodal transport process links along the functioning process of intermodal transport chain.

About perspective directions of establishment and further development of economic metrology

The characteristic of perspective directions of econometric studies at the present stage is carried out. The following directions like traditional, post-traditional and modern are distinguished. The necessity of establishing an economic metrology as a general theory of economic measurement and a theoretical-methodological basis of econometric science further development is grounded.