Cultural Memory as a Factor of Identity Construction in the Conditions of Ukrainian Society Transformation

The article deals with the problem of actualization of the cultural memory potential as a social tool in the process of identity construction in the conditions of the Ukrainian society democratic transformation. The main thesis of the article is that the cultural memory has mighty resources in the conditions of a democratic and lawful state, securing forming, preserving, transferring and developing of cultural norms, values, knowledge and meanings, contributing to integration, social consolidation.


The results of scientific research concerning features of regional news of Luhansk and Donetsk regions are examined in this article as well as empirical analysis of possibilities of TV channels of beforementioned regions and monitoring of expectations of recipients who live on the edge between the territories occupied by Russia and the territories under control of Ukraine.

Рhilosophical and legal smyslozmistovnoho measurement problem deviant consciousness

The article is devoted to one of the main problems of philosophy of law, namely the phenomenon of deviant minds, including its smyslozmistovniy essence. The attention is focused on solving the fundamental problem of social science: the study of the meaning and content of the factors that motivate people to deviant minds. The author analyzes the determinants that influence the formation of deviant consciousness and its manifestations.

The role of national consciousness phenomenon in the state-legal space

The article analyzes the problem of national identity value for the state-legal space. It’s positioned that consciousness of separate individual creates views, ideas, feelings about current or desired law, state, social and governmental processes. In state-government activities – national consciousness of the individual affects not only on the individual level, but also generates comprehensive national mass intentions. It’s stated that unacceptable is a form of government, contrary to the spirit and consciousness, mental attributes of the people that generates it.

Genesis of personality in the light of philosophical and legal determinants

In the article the one of the main problems of philosophy of law, namely the formation of personality in the context of a combination of social and individual in this institution. The purpose of this article is to focus on solving the fundamental problem of social science: identity formation in the light of philosophical and legal determinants. A correlation between individual and social factors of personality and the formation of man as a full member of society.

Personal worldview, humanistic conceptualism

The article deals with the philosophical and legal analysis of personal philosophy through the prism of humanistic conceptualism and therefore formulated the theoretical and  methodological basis of the abovementioned issues. It was found that the presence of cognitive and emotional values of the components and their organic combination creates conditions for ideological correlation identity, a process which with varying intensity and direction is for all human life.

Methodological dilemma definition of “socialization” in the philosophical-legal concept

The article is devoted to the social and philosophical analysis of the legal process of socialization and its basic categories; systematization of basic legal forms (adaptation, internalization, acculturation) features pravosotsializuyuchyh influence of various factors on individual, personal prerequisites socialization of Ukrainian society in the context of globalization changes. Analyzed the phenomenon of legal socialization as an objective and natural process of inclusion of the individual in social and legal relations as their subject.

The christian religion in the life and work of T. G. Shevchenko

Jn the basis of scientific, historical, philosophical and religious sources in the article analyzed the role and place of the Christian religion in the life and wod of the brilliant poet Taras Shevchenko, rating of philosopher of religion as an important factor in the formation of high morals and spirituality as an individual and all-people.

Socialization: methodological approach to problems

The article reveals the essence and meaning of methodological approaches to explain the process of socialization, analyzed the prospect of developing definite problem. The problem of socialization is analyzed on contemporary research in this area, offered a new perspective on its status in the social philosophy that meets the needs of a knowledge-social personality development prevailing in society today.

Transformations of the existential manifestations of human being in the network culture

The article analyzes features of the network culture and its impact on the socio-cultural space of a human being, on values and communication existential expressions. Peculiarities of functioning and basic features of network culture are determined.