Philosophical and legal category of “personality”: some approaches definitive

The article of the positions of the various schools of philosophy examines the philosophical and legal category of "personality", the main approaches to the definitive abovementioned issues and highlights their main content. The author deals with defining in detail three aspects of human existence: matter, social cohesion and human personality and proved that the views of most philosophers on this issue coincide.

Interpretation of values: praxeological aspect

The proposed article includes analysis of changes in interpretations of the nature of property rights in the process of scientific study. Category analyzed the social value of law aspects and determining influence on society. We study the types of the law society, the effects are determined by legal impact and their effectiveness. In particular, clarified the issuepraxeological aspect rights values in the life of society and established a set of factors required for the establishment of values in modern society.

The linear concept of global development: history and nature

The notion of global development is considered. Olena Koppel argues that nature of the category “global development” is still unclear and precisely undefined in different scientific concepts. Nevertheless, scientists have considered its determinants, aspects, vectors, despite lack of precise explanation of this term in the wide and narrow sense. Considered concept has originated from a wider concept of development.

The concepts and categories as the basis for science tax law of Ukraine

In the article on the basis of the dictionaries, encyclopedic and legal literature analyzes the currently existing definitions of “concept” and “category”. Reveals their importance in tax law of Ukraine. Determined author's understanding these terms in tax law of Ukraine.