information security


In the paper investigated safety of socio-economic processes in the virtual space. Studied the main trends influence on formation of preventive and adaptive mechanisms for ensuring information and cyber security enterprises. Key trends of the modern business and social environment include: globalization, informatization and individualization of consumer needs; mediatization, territorialization and universalization of social phenomena.

National and information security (current update)

The focus is on information security issues. There are always cyber threats in a globalized society, but in times of certain world or state problems and difficulties, their impact is particularly acute. It is stated that the world now is facing a new problem - a new disease whose treatment does not have treatment and prevention in the form of vaccination. The set of measures taken at the state level causes the weakening of the state and non-state sectors of the economy and applies to all spheres of life of both individuals and the state and international institutions.

Parallel Combining Different Approaches to Multi-pattern Matching for Fpga-based Security Systems

The multi-pattern matching is a fundamental technique found in applications like a network intrusion detection system, anti-virus, anti-worms and other signature- based information security tools. Due to rising traffic rates, increasing number and sophistication of attacks and the collapse of Moore’s law, traditional software solutions can no longer keep up. Therefore, hardware approaches are frequently being used by developers to accelerate pattern matching.

Propaganda, Disinformation, Strategic Communication — How to Improve Cooperation in CEE Region?

A paper deals with possibilities and opportunities for cooperation in Central and Eastern European region in the field of information security with particular emphasis on media influenced by Russia. My point of departure is that the information threats to societal security is external and they have relevant impact on the sustainability, conditions for evolution, of traditional patterns of language, culture and religious and ethnic identity, custom and values.

Establishment of the ukrainian national instituteof information security:institutional aspect of information security policy of national state formations of 1917–1921

The institutional aspect of the information protection policy of Ukrainian national state
formations of the revolutionary wave of 1917–1921 is researched. The opinion on the general insufficient
attention of national Ukrainian state formations regarding the development of institutions aimed at
ensuring their information security is expressed. It is emphasized that the underestimation of the factor
of information security not only negatively affected the process of state building, but also to some extent

On the Problem of Complex Security System Management of Cyber-physical Systems

Models of information security (IS) management of cyber-physical systems (CPS) were analyzed according to ISO/IEC TR 13335 and ISO/IEC 27001, which are the basis for developing a management methodology of a complex security system (CSS) within the management model “plan – do – check – act”. The CSS management structure of CPS was proposed at the level of an information life cycle and the multilevel model “cyberspace – communication environment – physical space” based on the conception “object – threat – protection”, which extends an application of the IS management system.

The Quintessence of Information Security of a Cyber-physical System

The quintessence of an information security (IS) of cyber-physical systems (CPS) was presented, which is deployed on the level of complex security system (CSS) creation paradigm and conception as well as the CSS universal platform in the field “threats – profiles – tools”; it is also implemented in the part of CSS integral model of cyber-physical system “iPhone – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – sensors” and cryptographic protection of CPS wireless communication environment based on block data encryption of algorithm “Kalyna”.

Russian information war against Ukraine: peculiarities and mechanisms of countering

The article deals with the problem of Russian information war against Ukraine. The authors explain the primary sense of the information war, its interpretation in the framework of wide and narrow approaches. Basing on the use of historic, systemic and structural-functional methods, the main disadvantages of the information sphere of Ukraine and the central mechanisms of its protection are identified. The tools of counteraction to the Russian information war against Ukraine are divided into two groups: legislative and institutional.

Іnformation society as the main priority of promising development of the state

In the scientific article the prerequisites for development of information society in Ukraine and revealed its importance for development. Analyzed the concept of “information society” concept disclosed its application. The level of development of information society in Ukraine, disadvantages and problems on overcoming them according to the Strategy of information society development in Ukraine. Analyzed international rating indicators of information society development in Ukraine.

A general description of the legal relations in the sphere of information security in Ukraine

The article discusses the issue of legal relations in the sphere of information security in Ukraine. The subjects and objects of legal relations in the sphere of information security have been considered. It has been proved that the main aim of information security is to unsure the balance of the interests of the individual, of society and of the State and their effective cooperation within the sphere of global information. It should be coordinated with the state policy in the sphere of security in general.