Epistemic modality in scientific and popular discourse about teaching of learning material

The subject of this research is epistemic modality in the scientific and popular discourse as the part of speech information and evaluation of teachers or students that form the structure of the language in different languages, using various means of expression, confidence, doubt and certainty of the truth of incomplete information. These means are determinative or cognitive markers of the subject of speech – teacher or student.

Semantic potential of Ukrainian electric power engineering professionalisms and professional jargonisms

The article is devoted to the structural analysis of electric power engineering professionalisms and professional jargonisms. Structural and functional properties of this layer of the the studied term system have been found.


Printed media text is a form of written speech, but it often contains the fragments of direct oral communication, reproduced by written means.  It may be the dialogue between a journalist and an expert or a publication hero, a commentary, a professional discussion, etc.

Features of the legal argumentation in the communicative practice of lawyers: some aspects

Based on universally recognized theoretical ideas about the nature of legal reasoning and its importance in practical legal activities presented in the domestic scientific literature revealed a number of features argumentation process associated with legal communicative practice.

The development of communicative competence lawyer in his professional development eras

Speech direction of  approach to forming of professional personality
of future lawyer is called to assist making of abilities and skills in all types of speech activity,development of culture of speech, speech work, orientation in the general questions of
information, communicative linguistics theory and others like that. Working over material,
each, who aimed to capture a speech culture, had the opportunity to make sure, that speech
activity – unity of commonunication and generalization, that it is active purpose full activity of

Dialogue executive authorities and civil society

In the article the problems of executive power in Ukraine. Particular attention is paid
wikis interaction between government and civil society. Determine the need to intensify
dialogue following aspects of public and government: establishing interaction by improving
the functioning of public authorities; intensification of the dialogue by providing opportunities
for citizens to participate in public affairs; the use of new information technologies to improve governance, inter alia through the initiative "Partnership" Open Government; strengthening

The importance of the client in forming marketing policy of communications in the market of hotel services

A complex of hotel product promotion is reviewed, the distribution of responsive group of consumers in the relationship marketing is characterized; stages, models of behavioral responses of buyers and the formation of communication goals are specified in the article.

Role culture of communication in professional activities of lawyers

One of consequences of influence on the modern world of processes of globalization and informatization, rapid development of information and of communication technologies there is forming of modern informative society, in that knowledge and information become the key resources of state and public development. During all history of humanity information was examined as a military, political, economic, sociological factor, that predetermined advancement of the state, society, and also progress of every his cock largely, is important.

Nature, structure and typology communication (communication) in professional of lawyer

Conception of development of legal education in Ukraine envisages training of highly skilled legal personnels apt at active, creative voice in legal life, that have political, legal and, that it is extraordinarily important, proper language culture. Clear that judges, public prosecutors, investigators, advocates, are necessary it is first of all good to know that matters for the dispatch of various legal businesses, id est maintenance of concrete laws, order of realization of legal procedures and others like that.

Communication in the right: the problem intercultural communication

We consider communication as a philosophical category in the light of its entry into the legal status of the communication between the Western tradition of law and national law. 
It is noted that legal communication – a natural process, a social phenomenon, caused by the intensification of economic and political development of society and certain anthropological qualities rights. 120 Corporate communication is seen as dialohovist between proper and perfect in the formulation and application of the law in modern bipolar world.