Functioning of terms “civil protection”, “civil security” and “civil defence” in modern civil protection terminology

The article outlines the role of such commonly used terms of the modern Ukrainian termino-logical system of the field of civil defence as civil protection, civil safety and civil defense. The specifics of functioning of these terminology nominations in the analyzed term system are revealed.

Difficult aspects of localizing some terms in applied linguistic

The paper tackles the problem of faithful rendering of the terms ‘parsing’ and ‘stemming’ into the Ukrainian language. Nowadays, the use of these terms is extended beyond the domain of applied linguistics. The authors believe that the Ukrainian equivalents proposed adequately convey the meaning of the English terms.

Scientific interpretation of the notions "terminology" and "term system" (as exemplified in the road-building industry terminology)

In the article the problem of differentiation of the notions “terminology” and “term system” has been considered. An attempt to determine the notional volume of the terms “road-building terminology” and “road-building term system” has been made.

The main strands of terminological research at the turn of XXIst century

The paper determines and sytematizes the main lines of research into modern terminology bearing in mind its paradigmality, namely paradigm, cross-paradigm, aspectual, cross-aspectual and cross-disciplinary lines. The metalanguage of description of these lines is justified.

Affixal derivation in terminological system of the constitutional law

In the article the word creative features of Ukrainian terms of constitutional law is explored. The peculiarities of suffixes and prefixes ways of creating the terms of this branch of the law today are analyzed. It was found and analyzed the productivity of derivational models of different ways of creating terms of constitutional law.

On the problems of translation of Theophanous Prokopovych's rhetorical terms into Ukrainian

The article analyzes the difficulties and problems underlying the translation into Ukrainian of Latin rhetorical terms, used and explained in a treatise “On the rhetorical art” by Theophanous Prokopovych (1707), taking into account modern tendencies in scientific and technical terminology organizing. Based on the conducted research and the review of current tendencies in the Ukrainian scientific style a conclusion has been made concerning the similarity of numerous phenomena and processes in the scientific language of the XVIII century and nowadays.

Terminologization and determinologization in treasury terminological

The article deals with the correlation between commonly – used words and terms. The greatest attention is paid to the main ways of transition of commonly – used vocabulary to the structure of treasury system of terms. The process of determinologization of treasury terms is also analysed there.