Difficult cases of use of computer terms in the genitive case second declension masculine

The article deals with tre problems of the modern Ukrainian terminology, including the issue of genitive case flexions in computer terms of tre second-declension masculines using. Specific attention is paid to the use of terminological unit macro, where there are doubts in the choice of flexion.

The phenomenon of synonymy in Ukrainian homeopathic terminology

The article continues the cycle of the author’s publications devoted to the studying of the Ukrainian homeopathic terminology. The peculiarities of functioning of the term-synonyms and the structural and semantic features of equivalent terminological units of the researched area are analyzed in this work.

Terms-composites in Ukrainian and German civil defence term systems

The article deals with research of word composition as a main method of nomination of concepts of the Ukrainian and German terminology of civil defence. Composition answers requirements which characterize the matter of term, determines basic foundation of classification of the kind-specific special concepts.

Structural analysis of terms of cosmetics and cosmetology

The structural content of Ukrainian professional dictionary of cosmetics and cosmetology is analyzed in the article. In particular one-word terms and multi-component terms are described. Among one–word terms it is distinguished non-derivative Ukrainian names and also borrowed terms-derivatives, terms-juxtapozites, terms-composites: composites with borrowed stems; composites with national stems; combined composites and also terms-phrases.

Teaching dictionary at a higher educational establishment: place, role, and principles of compiling

The article considers the problems of compiling a teaching terminological dictionary that would contribute to formation of the integral outlook of the professional to-be at the educational process as well as developing his system approach to analysis of any phenomena. Furthermore, suggestions are made concerning the principles of compiling and organising macro- and microstructures of the dictionary.

Analysis of the definition theory elements in ISO704:2009 “Terminology work – Principles and methods”

The necessity of improving a number of statements in ISO 704 third edition concerning concept relations, nature of definitions, types of definitions, rules of formulating definitions and deficient definitions is justified.

Тематичний кросворд як інтерактивний засіб вивчення термінології навчальної дисципліни

Проаналізовано доцільність застосування кросвордів у навчальному процесі вищої школи. Розглянуто особливості створення кросворду за допомогою модуля JCross програми Hot Potatoes та проблеми його інтеґрації у Moodle. Effectuality of crossword using in higher education is analyzed. Features of Hot Potatoes JCross application for the crossword generation and problems of its integration with Moodle are under consideration.