Theoretical and legal problems of multi-culturalism as a traditional model of adaptation

The article is devoted to the problems of multiculturalism, since the development of various processes in the world raises the question of this traditional model of adaptation, proving its ineffectiveness and inconsistency with the present.

Unity, plurality and fractality of culture in the contemporary world

The article is dedicated to the philosophical investigation of the problem of unity and plurality as features of culture in the contemporary world, which is carried out on basis of the methodology peculiar to the present-day paradigm of understanding science. The paradigm in question is denoted as “post-non-classical” and features nonlinear, dialectical approach to its objects of study that appear as unique and human-commensurable self-organizing systems.

Communication in the right: the problem intercultural communication

We consider communication as a philosophical category in the light of its entry into the legal status of the communication between the Western tradition of law and national law. 
It is noted that legal communication – a natural process, a social phenomenon, caused by the intensification of economic and political development of society and certain anthropological qualities rights. 120 Corporate communication is seen as dialohovist between proper and perfect in the formulation and application of the law in modern bipolar world.