Theory and Practice of Education, Learning, and Upbringing in the Lviv-Warsaw School (Review of Olha Honcharenko’s monograph “Philosophy of Education in the Lviv-Warsaw School. Kamianets-Podilskyi: Ltd. “Printing House ‘Ruta’, 2018. 476 pp.”)

  The review analyzes the content of Olha Honcharenko’s monograph “Philosophy of Education at the Lviv-Warsaw School”. The Lviv-Warsaw School is known as a school of early analytical philosophy, in which much attention was paid to logic, analysis of concepts, and rejection of irrationalism in philosophy. However, in a reviewed monograph, representatives of the Lviv-Warsaw School appear as theorists of education, pedagogy, and didactics.

Legacy of the World Educational Space and Its Influence on the Interaction of Education and Culture

The article analyzes interaction of the educational system and culture during the process of world educational space development. Versatile influence of the world educational space on the creation of a new educational and cultural reality, in which take place self-realization of the individual, enhancement of the dialogue of cultures and preservation of national and cultural peculiarities is theoretically grounded.

Directors of realization of school education

The article analyzes the status of legal regulation of school education and outlines the key directions of reforming general secondary education. It was clarified that the concept of 87 realization of the state policy in the sphere of reforming of general secondary education "New Ukrainian School" for the period up to 2029 envisages the development of a new law "On general secondary education" and an action plan for reforming the system of general secondary education. The necessity of reforming secondary education is dictated by time, new requirements of society.

Mechanism of determination of the kind of the deviant behavior

The article presents a scientific and theoretical review of domestic and foreign studies devoted to the problem of aggression and behavioral deviations in the children's environment. The psychological features of destructive behavior and its characteristics from the standpoint of psychology, sociology and criminal-law sciences are considered. The mechanisms of formation of illegal actions are revealed, and the influence of deviations on the formation of personality is analyzed.

Modernization of the national education system in the context of contemporary european integration of Ukraine

This article analyzes the processes of modernization of the national education system in the context of contemporary European integration of Ukraine. Based on the analysis of legal documents and thematic literature identified strategic objectives: comprehensive development of education, strengthening its impact on economic growth and living standards, promote the accelerated development of STP, and, above all, fundamental science, provide social functions of the state through the optimization of social programs.

Legal education reform: foreign experience and ukrainian realities

The article analyzes the foreign experience reforming legal education and defined the prospects of its implementation in Ukraine. It has been found that the use of international experience in the learning process becomes particularly relevant with the development of postmodernism, when the company moves to a new historical synthesis forms with the state. After reviewing certain aspects of legal education of international experience proved that it will contribute to more active implementation in the domestic legal practice these developments.

Культурно-мистецькі заклади Львова наприкінці XVIII–XIX століть та їхній вплив на розвиток міста

Lviv has never been a large manufacturing center with the huge enterprises, factories, and integrated producers. This city has never been related to the populous cities of Ukraine. The success of this city is in a beneficial geopolitical position, an attractive investment climate, a great amount of academic and cultural institutions and the most important is a high qualification of the staff that lives there. 

The right to education and freedom of religion: case law of the european court of human rights

In the paper is analyzed general theoretical provisions on the right to education and (or) secular education as a component of freedom of religion. Examined the features of the protection of the right to education and freedom of religion by the European Court of Human Rights and its importance to the practice of law in Ukraine.

Purpose of modern legal policy of higher education

The article deals with the problems of educational policy. Particular attention is focused on established policy goals in the field of high education. We consider education policy as part of humanitarian government policy. The analysis of regulation of educational relations the current development of state is held.

Equal right to education: international standards and scientific approaches

In the paper the right to education. Particular attention is paid to the understanding of the principle of equal right to education. The analysis of international instruments in the field of equal right to education. Specified on the development of the right to education in modern conditions of statehood.