The paper deals with the assessment of a surface water quality in the Kherson region, as well as the assessment of a technogenic load on the surface water bodies by the volumes of the wastewater and pollutants discharges over a long period of time. The problem of supplying the regions of Ukraine with water is urgent for many regions, including the Kherson region. The materials from the Regional reports, Ecological passports on monitoring a state the surface water as well as the data on the volumes of the sewage and pollutants discharges were used as baseline data.

Development of PI-controller optimal tuning method

Aim. The research aims to develop a method of optimal PI-controller tuning, which allows to take into account the constraints and to minimize the undesirable indicators of the automatic control quality. Method. In order to carry out the investigation, the problem of optimal PI-controller tuning was stated in a general form. The analysis of the elements of the problem has been conducted. It allowed substituting the elements to the requirements of individual minimization criteria.


The freshness of the meat is one of the indexes of its quality. However, it is often frozen to be transported and stored. After unfreezing, it is offered to a consumer as a fresh one. Quality of that meat is worse, but the price is, mainly, identical to the cost of meat that wasn’t frozen. 

Directors of realization of school education

The article analyzes the status of legal regulation of school education and outlines the key directions of reforming general secondary education. It was clarified that the concept of 87 realization of the state policy in the sphere of reforming of general secondary education "New Ukrainian School" for the period up to 2029 envisages the development of a new law "On general secondary education" and an action plan for reforming the system of general secondary education. The necessity of reforming secondary education is dictated by time, new requirements of society.

Modelling and quality of diagnostic systems monitoring

The example of improvement of the mathematical model of monitoring of difficult objects of technique and medicine with the low level of dynamics of processes is examined. The article of researches is normative documents, which should be expediented to specify and perfect on the basis of thein formation, got as a result of analysis of results, mathematical models of monitoring of difficult objects of technique, medicine got with a help with the low level of dynamics of processes.

Modeling quality of underground pipelines in the conditions of corrosive fatigue

The presence of fatigue cracks on the surface of metallic underground pipelines sharpens the problem of calculation values of strength characteristics at the action of corrosive environments, that did not find the complete decision nowadays. In this connection it is needed to correct the row of defects and normative and technical documents related to insufficient actuality of corresponding.

Improvement of legal regulation providing administrative services

The article addresses the problem of improving the legal regulation of administrative services in Ukraine in the context of adapting national legislation to the European Union. Analyzes the concept of “administrative services”, the ratio of administrative and public services, the principles of administrative services, standardization in this area, the administrative and legal regulation of administrative services, directions of improvement of legislation aimed at improving quality.

Software Failure Intensity Modelling and Identification the Margins of the Complexity Index

The behaviour of failure intensity function for software reliability model with complexity index depending on the model parameters has been simulated. It allows identifying the margins of the complexity index and explaining the defect revealing function behaviour depending on software complexity.

Основні підходи до моніторингу та аналізу якості туристичної документації

In this article the role of tourism in conditions of consistent information society improvement has been considered. The definition of the tourism documentation concept and its classification by types are defined. The main approaches to the monitoring and analysis of the tourism documentation quality have been described. The necessity of these approaches application for the tourism products realization is emphasized and the main components of documentation quality are highlighted.