In the face of global challenges, which are constantly and sometimes sufficiently monitored as a result of increased competition in foreign markets, there is a need for a qualitatively new acceleration of the development of the Ukrainian economy and a double growth of the domestic gross product through the use of modern scientific and technological advancements, on an innovative basis.

Activity of innovative processes in the vocabulary of modern media

In this the article terminological lexics is reviewed. This lexics has become an integral part of the language of contemporary massmedia. The lexical and semantic processes which take a place in the public relations at the beginning of the 21th century are discussed. Its thematic groups terminological lexics have been identified and features of usage in author texts are illustrated.

Information and innovation component new educational paradigm

The significance of information and innovative components in the development of education. It is stressed that it allows you to accelerate the adaptation of students to future careers, while promoting the development of their capabilities, enhancing intelligence capabilities; intensifying the educational process and making it more productive and efficient.

Paradigm of higher education in conditions of integration challenges

The article examines the influence of integration processes on the development of the system of higher education in Ukraine, examines the concept of integration in higher education, defines the content of the concept of the integration environment in the process of training future specialists.


The synthesis and coverage of foreign experience in the organization of production at industrial enterprises has a diverse focus and encompasses methods that increase the productivity of their productive activities in various ways. In this context, the Japanese experience of organizing production deserves special attention. The advantages of its application are demonstrated by Japanese companies that are world leaders in terms of achieved product quality, productivity, stock optimization, in-house and other costs.

The Versatility of Ivan Levynsky’s Cultural Heritage

Attention is paid to the issues of the historical and cultural heritage of prominent figures of the Ukrainian past, its influence on cultural and socio-economic changes, transformational and processes of modernization in Ukraine, and to the formation of a distinctive national socio-cultural space in the modern conditions of Ukrainian state-building, growth of national consciousness and the manifestation of Ukrainian identity.


In current article, author reveals the concept of the crowdfunding system and its role in
the implementation and development of crowdfunding. The challenge lies in the definition of
«crowdfunding system» and its elements and analysis a difference between of crowdfunding
system for national economy and for a separate crowdfunding project.
The author made an analysis of existing definitions of crowdfunding system and its key
characteristics. The foreign practitioners and scientists sometimes use the term "5P" of

Наскрізна конструкторська підготовка спеціалістів та магістрів на кафедрі конструювання верстатів та машин механіко-машинобудівного інституту НТУУ "КПІ"

This paper analyzes the recent research in the field of scientific — methodological approaches and approaches to the formation of technical knowledge, theoretical — methodological problems of training design directions and innovative methods of teaching and compared modern requirements for professional competence of graduates in engineering and technology and the problem of socio — economic development countries.

Historical, cultural and ethno-national in philosophical and religious ideas

Zynovij Timenyk. Historical, Cultural and Ethno-National in the Philosophical-Religious Ideas: From the Tempo- Rhythmic Innovations

On the basis of heritage of Ukrainian thinkers of 40th XIX c. — 70th XX c. the historical, cultural and ethno-national tempo-rhythm in the context of interreligious communications of interdisciplinary sphere is analyzed. The object of the research is the idea of God in the structure of a human being and the world, the idea of truth and plenitude of interreligious communications.

New challenges for contemporary architecture: interdisciplinarity – innovation – social communication

This paper refers to seeking new possibilities for contemporary architecture to develop. The discussed problems focus on interdisciplinarity, innovation, social communication as elements indispensable for development. The article applies to the essence and the notion of relations between these elements. The presented examples illustrate selected design problems. Social communication is described as the determinant of modern society development based on information flow. Two projects are presented, both practical examples of the discussed issues.