Intellectual analysis of the replacement process for the algebra algorithm formulas

In the article, the authors have developed mathematical support for the process of replacement of algebra algorithms. The analysis of peculiarities of algebra algebra formulas analysis was carried out. As a result, it turned out that today subsystems with the implementation of the formulas replacement algorithms with the subsequent adaptation of the formulas are not implemented in known systems, which served as an impetus for the intellectual analysis of the algebra algebra replacement process.

Intellectual Analysis of Transformation Process of the Algebra Algorithm Formulas

The processes of transforming the algorithm algebra formulas are described. The algorithm for calculation of geometrical parameters of unithrams is given. Synthesized, minimized, built a mathematical model and investigated the algorithm of the transformation process of algebra algorithm formulas.

Intelligent Analysis of Data Structures and Mathematical Software of Formulas Editor

This article is about determination of process of adaptation, data structure of algorithms editor. Mathematical model of data structure of algorithms editor, hierarchical-modular construction principle of editor, of adaptation process and expanding and collapsing processes were synthesized, minimized and built.