business process

Features of business processes modeling and Its optimization in the context of international activities

Transformation of approaches to business processes modeling in the context of international activity is an effective solution for finding options for expanding the organization's activities, forecasting and minimizing potential risks. The chosen topic is relevant for the study, as the current market conditions are increasing the role of the use and implementation of modern methods of modeling and optimization of business processes in enterprises.

Economic evaluation of administration systems in the context of management business processes reengineering

The article deals with the peculiarities of an economic evaluation of administrative systems in the context of management business processes reengineering. In particular, methodological approaches to the economic evaluation of such systems are described and characterized. It is concluded that under present conditions most of the projects on construction or improvement of administrative systems belong to the category of investment projects, which, accordingly, are related to investment costs.

Quality of service guarantee and business processes optimization in distributed systems based on service-oriented architecture

Today more and more business processes are using different telecommunication and information technologies to facilitate and improve business efficiency. Each business process is organized as a sequence of components which cooperate together in order to achieve common goal. This goal is to provide high quality services for clients. The main component that is used for building such systems is web-service. Web-service is a component that incapsulates a set of functions that can be invoked remotely over the Internet.

Formalized description of the business model as a basis for an effective system of targeted business management

To improve the effectiveness of the company is necessary as horizontal structuring of production activity (technology) and the structuring of functional management activities (function control). It is realized in the context of building a process model of the enterprise, which today widespread.