cyclic convolution


The ma­in mo­di­fi­ca­ti­ons and stan­dards of OFDM techno­logy that pro­vi­de high qua­lity com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on in mul­ti­path transmis­si­on of the transmit­ted sig­nal are highlighted. It is analyzed in the struc­tu­re of the transmit­ter of the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on system ba­sed on OFDM techno­logy of exe­cu­ti­on of fast transforms of Fou­ri­er class. The ortho­go­nal freq­uency di­vi­si­on mul­tip­le­xing / de­mul­tip­le­xing functi­on is as­sig­ned to the fast com­pu­ter of transform, and the pre­co­der is used to re­du­ce the high pe­ak fac­tor in­he­rent in OFDM techno­logy.

Automatic generation of the efficient algorithms of DCT-II based on cyclic convolutions.

Program of efficient implementation the discrete cosine transform of type-II using cyclic convolutions have been considered. The stages of automatic code generation the algorithms for the computation of DCT-II an arbitrary size N have been determined. The algorithm of DCT-II presents a better program performance for short sizes of transform, than known FFTW library.

Взаємозв'язок ефективних дискретних гармонічних перетворень на основі циклічних згорток для обсягів 2^n

The general method of efficient computation discrete harmonic transforms for size the integer power of two on base of circular convolutions is considered. Hash array discrete basis matrixes of harmonic transforms are analysed. Interconnection hash arrays and structures of basis matrix between harmonic transforms are determined.

Розвиток алгоритму Вінограда перетворення Фур’є на базі твірного масиву

The general technique of efficient computation DFT using of cyclic convolutions for sizes of integer power of two is considered. Further development of Winograd Fourier transform algorithm (WFTA) is analyzed. The hashing array for the compacting definition of the block-cyclic structure the basis matrix of DFT is proposed. The general block-cyclic structure of discrete basis matrix for the computation of DFT of sizes N=2n is determined.

Review the algorithms of the efficient computation of dft based on cyclic convolutions

The enumeration approaches of efficient computation discrete transform of Fourier class using cyclic convolutions is considered. The formulation of the basis matrix of transforms into the block cyclic structures is described of each approach. The analysis of the advantages and imperfections of the algorithms are discussed.

Алгоритм обчислення основних видів ДСП на базі циклічних згорток

The general method of efficient computation four types discrete sine transform using of circular convolutions is considered. The parameters of hash array the basis square matrix for algorithm synthesis are used.