Structured Polynomials Characteristic for Synthesis of Automatic Control

The article discusses the use of structured characteristic equations to develop programs setting system variables. The relative units system designed for calculation of a set of options of automatic control. The possibility of using these units investigated to simplify the mathematical description of the system.

Cyber-Physical System of Parking Lot Operation

Multilevel structure of cyber physical parking lot operation system. Classification of the ways of driver identification has been given. The functions and algorithms of parking lot equipment unit’s work have been described. The succession of cars entering the parking lot has been shown. Structural scheme of parking equipment control board has been suggested. The calculation methods of the configuration parameters for cyber physical parking lots operation system have been produced.

Hierarchical Routing With Load Balancing in Sensory Networks

In this paper, the hierarchical architecture of the sensor network (MESH-network) with a high degree of scalability is proposed. The possibilities of its realization in the mode of self- configuration using the special routing protocol at the query (AODV — Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vectorisation) and fixed-line routing protocol (OLSR — Optimised Link-State Routing) are investigated.

Vending Cyber Physical Systems Architecture

In this work organization and principles of multilevel vending cyber physical systems (VCPS) development have been examined. VCPS purposes and functions on each level as well as interlevel interaction have been described, as well as the classification of vending machines has been offered. The results of analytical system work have been shown graphically.