natural sorbents


The sorption properties of natural and complex sorbents for neutralization of Ni2+ ions from the water environment were studied. The isotherm of the adsorption of Ni2+ ions on complex sorbents (activated bentonite to shungite is 1:1) according to the Langmuir and Freundlich’s models was drawn; the type of adsorption isotherms according to the S. Brunauer's classification was established. The values of the maximum sorption capacity of  Гmax sorbents relative to Ni2+ ions were calculated.

Improvement of Adsorption-Ion-Exchange Processes for Waste and Mine Water Purification

The increase of ecological safety level of the hydrosphere as a result of the improvement of the adsorption processes for waste and mine water purification by using natural sorbents and desalting processes via electrodialysis has been investigated. The optimal parameters of improved sorption processes with natural sorbents have been established. The mechanism of diffusion was studied by the “kinetic memory” method. Effective coefficients of pore diffusion were determined during sorption of pollutants by natural sorbents.

Life and Scientific Priorities of Professor Myroslav Malovanyy

This article describes the life and scientific priorities of professor Myroslav Malovanyy. It also provides details and results of a joint research with his students of a liquid media treatment from different types of pollution. The main research and its results are illustrated, as well as environmental technologies that were developed by using the archived results.

Integrated adsorption and ultrasonic technology for water treatment processes

The aim of this work is to study the process of water purification from mechanical and chemical pollution and pathogenic microflora by adsorption and ultrasonic methods. Proposed technology reduces bacterial contamination and purifies water from organic pollutants, improving its quality.