cyber physical systems

Problems of Designing a Control Systemfor Decision Making Systems of Cyberphysical Systems

This work deals with the development of a structural model of decision-making tools for cyberphysical systems and with the development of a control system of decision-making tools for cyberphysics systems. The main difficulties in developing decision-making tools have been considered and analyzed. A structural model of decision making tools for cyberphysical systems and its characteristics has been considered. The estimation of hardware costs for the implementation of decision-making tools of cyberphysical systems has been made.

Cyber-Physical System of Parking Lot Operation

Multilevel structure of cyber physical parking lot operation system. Classification of the ways of driver identification has been given. The functions and algorithms of parking lot equipment unit’s work have been described. The succession of cars entering the parking lot has been shown. Structural scheme of parking equipment control board has been suggested. The calculation methods of the configuration parameters for cyber physical parking lots operation system have been produced.

Vending Cyber Physical Systems Architecture

In this work organization and principles of multilevel vending cyber physical systems (VCPS) development have been examined. VCPS purposes and functions on each level as well as interlevel interaction have been described, as well as the classification of vending machines has been offered. The results of analytical system work have been shown graphically.