elastomeric composition

Vulkanization Peculiarities of Rubbers of General and Special Purpose in the Presence of Zinccontaining Polymer-inorganic Composite

In this work the synthesis technology of zinccontaining polymer - inorganic composite on the basis of products of secondary raw material processing at joint precipitating with carbamide and formaldehyde (ZnCFO) is described. The structure and properties of ZnCFO are investigated by the differential-thermal analysis, electronic microscopy, and IR-spectroscopy. The action of ZnCFO as vulcanization active component of elastomeric compositions on the basis of rubbers of general and special purpose with various vulcanization systems is investigated.

The Usage of Oil Refining Industry Waste as Vulcanization Active Ingredient of Elastomeric Compositions

The influence of composite component perlite DPh-Zn, that is the waste of oil refining industry, on the formation of properties complex of rubber mixes and their vulcanizates on the basis of apolar cis-1,4-polyisoprene and butadiene-nitrile rubbers of various polarity has been investigated. It has been established that perlite DPh-Zn is the effective vulcanization active component of multifunctional action capable at 10.0 mass frac.