Effect of parameter of fibres in dispersed reinforcement of concretes and sulfur concretes

The problems of concrete and crack resistance under cyclic repeated power, temperature and moisture effects are of great significance for road, transport, irrigation and other structures, especially in the regions with increased day temperatures. These effects accelerate the processes of concrete failure to a great extent, but their influence on concrete endurance and crack resistance is insufficiently studied. A lot of various concretes differing in structure, kind and modified state of binders, kind and properties of fillers and aggregates have appeared lately.

Fibrous materials as technological additives in the production of butadiene-styrene rubbers and elastoplastics

Prospects of recycling of waste products of fibrous materials (cotton, viscose, kapron) for obtaining of elastic composite materials are shown by creation of fibre-latex composition with subsequent coagulation and vulcanization of the filled rubber. The optimum contents of the fibre and its length is determined.