The sorption properties of natural and complex sorbents for neutralization of Ni2+ ions from the water environment were studied. The isotherm of the adsorption of Ni2+ ions on complex sorbents (activated bentonite to shungite is 1:1) according to the Langmuir and Freundlich’s models was drawn; the type of adsorption isotherms according to the S. Brunauer's classification was established. The values of the maximum sorption capacity of  Гmax sorbents relative to Ni2+ ions were calculated. Based on the calculated coefficients of the Langmuir and Freundlich's equations, the specificity of the process of sorption of Nickel ions with the formation of a monomolecular layer was determined. The dependences of the degree of absorption of Ni2+ ions by complex sorbents on the duration of the sorption process were obtained. The ratio of solid state of matter (comprehensive sorbent) to liquid was experimentally determined.

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