Algorithms of the route search based on criteria of minimum delayfor data center

Strykhalyuk B.M.*, Shpur O.M.*, Seliuchenko M.O.*, Andrukhiv T.V.**

*Lviv Polytechnic National University
**PJSC Ukrtelecom

This paper is devoted to the problem of increasing of services provisioning speed in networks with cloud technology. Under the services provisioniong speed it is meant ensuring of the lowest service provisioning latency, i.e. decreasing processing time of the requests, which are arriving for the service to the data-center. Data-center hast to ensure a unified information resource with guaranteed levels of authenticity, availability and security of the data. In cloud networks data-centers contain not only the storage servers but also a physical servers, which provide services and process requests. Each such server can contain from one to a few virtual machines, which are able to satisfy requests using appropriate components or applications for service provisioning. Redirection of the requests to the other logical or sometimes physical channels will impact on the general service provisioning time.
In order to decrease serving time of the requests that arrive to the data-center and considering the data-centers topology structure the algorithm of the route search based on criteria of minimal processing time is proposed. The algorithm calculates optimal transferring route based on the information about information spreading and network topology changes. This algorithm allows taking into consideration not only the load in each channel but also a total latency of the interfaces, what allows increasing optimal route search speed under the changeable network structure. This in turn will cause decreasing requests processing time for users under the dynamic changing structure of the data-center.