Сashless payment sofware module for self-service systems

: pp. 58 - 67
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Computer Engineering Department
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Computer Engineering Department

With the development of technology and computerization, humanity is entering a new stage of modernization of society every year. This happens in all spheres of life. From medicine and the creation of new medical computer devices to everyday activities, such as paying for groceries. Contactless payments are largely how they sound – a way to pay for goods or services, without other physical needs to go through your automation or transfer it to the person. If you’ve even seen a passerby press his phone at the checkout to pay late, you’ve witnessed this technology.

Describes the creation of a cashless payment module. Software and hardware has been created that can function autonomously and uninterruptedly. The module has a compact size, placed in places for easy payment. The module is of medium price shade in order to successfully enter the product market.

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