: 41-45
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of architectural environment design
Аssistant Department of Architectural Environment Design

Kiesler’s art was not based on the theory of form, color, and means; his art was not a political instrument to comment on the state of society, and he did not consider his art to be the product of a scientific process, a result that contained a truth that was absolute. He believed that his art revealed a truth that science could not see, and that truth was the key to a “core” existence. He believed that his process and his ritual were attacked by the deceptive beliefs of others. “A revived art that has been stolen from a warm embrace, freezing in its nakedness, cooled by the sweat of its forehead, desperately needs a new cloak so as not to freeze to death.” Kiesler’s environmental and galactic art, like its endless architecture, was warm clothing for art that desperately needed warmth.

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