Theoretical & legal foundations of the educational process organization in the conditions of a comprehensive complex

Lviv Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

Problem setting. In the system of government goals, education has always been and still is one of the priorities of development of any civilized society. Educational services and their quality are an indicator and at the same time a marker of the level of competitiveness of the national economy. After all, the proper level of these services in the market influences the level of population employment and the quality of labor force, able to flexibly respond to social challenges, which directly affects the general indicators of socio-economic development of the state. In this regard, improving the quality and efficiency of the educational process at all stages of its implementation, as well as the means of influencing it, are extremely important in the context of building a modern society, especially at the stage of crucial transformational changes, being able to ensure higher well-being among the population of the Ukrainian state.

Recent research and publications analysis. The theoretical and practical aspects related to the study of problems, existing in the field of education in Ukraine, have been reflected in the scientific literature. Among national scientists, various aspects of functioning of the educational field are considered in the scientific works of such researchers as V. Bazylevych, Y. Beksyd, T. Bogolib, Ye. Boyko, Ya. Buchkovska, L. Dobrovolska, O. Kuklin, M. Malyk, K. Pavliuk, V. Safonova. However, rapid socio-economic transformations, as well as shifts in the global trends of educational services provision, require further theoretical and applied study of peculiarities of educational services provision and educational process organization in the conditions of a comprehensive complex.

Highlighting previously unsettled parts of the general problem. The purpose of this article is substantiating the theoretical and legal foundations of the educational process organization in the conditions of a comprehensive complex and evaluating the legal basis, governing the execution of legal relations in the sphere of general high education.

Paper main body. The educational system, existing in any particular country, was formed under the influence of a number of peculiarities of historical, national-traditional, ethnic, cultural nature, thus determining the conditions of functioning of the educational services market within the complex.

The purpose of education is providing citizens with all-sided growth of personality, revealing cultural-creative potential and talents, enriching intelligence, forming high moral qualities, as a consequence, raising the educational level of the nation and supplying the national market with highly qualified specialists, capable of ensuring the proper level of socio-economic advancement of the state.

The educational sector is functioning on the basis of the current regulatory-legal foundation. The Constitution defines the general principles of provision of educational services in the state, every citizen’s right to get education, regardless of his/her social status, religion and world view. The regulatory-legal foundation in the field of general high education consists of the Constitution of Ukraine, laws “On Education”, “On General High Education”, by-laws, international treaties of Ukraine, concluded in accordance with the current legislation.

The Law of Ukraine “On Education” is a universal normative act that regulates the essence of educational services, their tasks, subject-object composition, principles of educational activity in the educational sphere and also defines the basic links of the educational system. Article 3 of the Law refers to Ukrainian citizens’ right to get education free of charge at public educational institutions regardless of the circumstances specified in the legislation.

Legal relations in the field of general high education are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On General High Education”. It states that general high education should be interpreted as a targeted process of mastering systematic knowledge about nature, man, society, culture and production through the means of cognitive and practical activity, the result of which is the intellectual, social and physical development of a personality, being the basis for further education and labor activity. Besides, the Law defines the main tasks of general high education, its system, regulates the activity of institutions in this field and clarifies the procedure of getting general high education by Ukrainian citizens.

A brief overview of the regulatory-legal foundation pertaining to the educational process and provision of educational services in the field of general high education gives the grounds to declare that the educational process in this field is supported by the sufficient number of legal norms. However, this does not prove absolute perfection of legal relationship, provided in the context of educational services.

The issues of autonomy of educational institutions, mechanism of their management and provision of educational services in this context require unification. It is also necessary to bring the legal basis in correspondence with the rules and standards of the European legislation. These issues and others need to be resolved comprehensively in accordance with public policy implementation in the educational field.

Conclusions of the research and prospects for further studies. Thus, organization of educational process in the conditions of a comprehensive complex in Ukraine is based on the sufficient regulatory-legal foundation that regulates the provision of educational services in the field of general high education. Despite the fact that the educational process is sufficiently provided with the regulatory-legal foundation, there are still many problems in this area. The legal standards do not detail the procedure for financing the educational institutions, the legislation concerning the extension of autonomy of educational institutions also needs to be improved.

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