consolidated information

Консолідація інформації у спортивній галузі: стан та перспективи

For successful economic development, science and culture is necessary to use information technology in various fields of social practice to convert data streams to a new generation of information products not only improve but also to form new business models, which differ in the higher levels of development and implementation of management decisions. The article examines the features of using consolidated information technology in the sports industry.

Особливості формування інформаційного забезпечення туристичної діяльності

The article describes the peculiarities of the tourism activities information support, describes the role of tourism data consolidation as the optimal integration means of tourism data. The general scheme of tourism documentation formation based on the gaps filling is suggested.

Consolidation of the open information resources in the tourism sphere

The article describes the role of data consolidation in the tourism sphere, the need to use existing software tools to handle tourist information is highlighted, the problem of data resources structuring and unified format creation are emphasized, and the scheme of the formation of tourism documentation is presented.