Recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and arbitrations on the territory of Ukraine

The article highlights the current problem of recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and arbitrations on the territory of Ukraine - circumstances that make such enforcement impossible or difficult.


The article is devoted to the regulation of the stress-strain state in the compressed elements of steel frames under full operating load. It is proposed to perform reinforcement of such elements with different end eccentricities of load application by rational regulation of the stress-strain state in the reinforcement elements. It is shown that the use of SDS adjustment for frame racks increases their bearing capacity and reduces deformability and welds. The new proposed technology of SDS regulation and possible constructive decisions are offered.

Self-realization as a social personality development

The article deals with the concept of “self-identity” in the context of the formation of personality, capable of Social Development. Analyzes the qualities that contribute to fulfillment in life and professional activities, including issues related to the disclosed features of social identity. The basic approaches to studying the phenomenon of self-made and their main characteristics.

Дослідження структурно-фазового стану поверхонь тертя у парах хромовані покриття-чавун СЧЗ0

The structural-phase statesurfaceschrome finish, analyzedthe mechanisms of wearfor selectionordevelopment of other coatings,which would providethe sameor even bettertribotechnical characteristics offriction units, operatingunderboundarylubrication.Based onanalysis of the structureof surfacelayers andwearsurfacesrevealed thatforallloadsis dominated byabrasivewearmechanism.On the surfaceafter theweartestforunit load1 and5 MPaformedareaof coverage andimplementationof materialstickingtorollinglandsurfacewear, indicating the passage adheziythese processesduring friction.

Prospects of implementation and practice compliance with marketing standards in Ukraine and the EU

In the presented article the prospects for implementing marketing standards in Ukraine and the EU are examined. Investigated the practice compliance with such standards in our country and the EU. Systematized approach to standardization and the main prospects for further integration into the European space.

Evaluation of the client efficiency outsourcing activities by major types of outsourcing

In the process of improvement of industrial and business activities of enterprises in
accordance with changes of competitive market environment the question of efficiency assessment
of outsourcing transactions which secure solid economic benefits and simultaneously generate line
of risks is very important. Despite the abundance of literature which examines the features of
evaluating the effectiveness of outsourcing, one of the outstanding issues today is the issue of