public policy

Information in the field of labor as an instrument of administrative and legal influence of the state on the regulation of labor relations

Abstract. One of main priorities of the Ukrainian state is creation of political, economic, social and legal terms for realization of relations in the field of labour. The legal adjusting of relations in the field of labour has close inter-branch connection, that allows in a considerable measure to regulate sociallabour relations. However, proper and reliable null information remains a problem from the side of organs of public management in relation to employment and employment of population of economically-active age.

Problems of functioning of political parties in Ukraine and ways to improve their activities

The article is devoted to problems of functioning of political parties in Ukraine, as the existence and activities of political parties of most modern States is a universally accepted norm and is treated as an essential attribute of a democratic way of governance.

Public policy in transnational enforcement process

The article deals with the content of the “public policy” principle and analyzes its
implementation in some institutes of transnational enforcement process, namely in the
procedure of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, including international
commercial arbitrations’awards. The paper also highlights problems arising in the application
of the “public policy” principle and studies the differences in the concepts of “transnational
public policy”, “international public policy” and “national public policy”

In order to study the theoretical foundations and applied problems of predicting man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level in paper there is summarizes the theoretical foundations of the application of fuzzy sets

Tourism is an essential sector of every country in contemporary conditions of management. This is because tourism is one of the most dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy, which helps to increase and spread economic, social and culture relations.

Formation of public policy in the military legal relations

Annotation. The article examines the theoretical and legal aspects of the formation of state policy in the sphere of military relations. Attention is focused on the present regulation of the armed conflict. Points to the need to update the legal regulation of domestic and international relations in the field of operations.

Improvement of public policy in the field of information technology in the context of executive bodies

The article raises questions of improvement of state policy in the sphere of information technologies in the context of executive power. An approach to information system of central executive bodies, the development of e-government and legal registration of information as 4 information management functions aimed at creating mass communications between the executive and citizens.