natural language processing

Construction of Dialogue Student-pc System on the Basis of Natural Language Exchange Using the Java Environment

The review and analysis of natural language processing methods (NLP) was carried out. Definitely a global criterion for evaluating the effectiveness NLP funds. Recommendations on the expediency of the use NLP funds are given

Розпізнавання багатослівних конструкцій

This paper surveys the problem of multiword expressions (MWE), which plays the important role in development of large-scale, linguistically sound natural language processing technology. Multiword expressions are expressions which are made up of at least 2 words and which can be syntactically and/or semantically idiosyncratic. This category includes such constructions as compound nouns, idioms and phrasal verbs.This paper deals with modern approaches to MWE stratification, extraction and identification.

Граматична корекція речень з використанням графу взаємовиключних гіпотез

A method for automatic correction of Ukrainian sentences is introduced. The method is based on dependency grammar and utilizes mutually exclusive hypothesis graph for word sense disambiguation. 37 % of ambiguous sentences which were correctly corrected as opposed to 14 % corrected by spell checker.