Випуск 1, Номер 1, 2015

Dear friends,
I am pleased to welcome the first issue of the scientific journal “Architectural studies”, an English publication prepared by the Editing and Program Committees under the supervision of the Editor-in-Chief, Director of the Institute of Architecture, Professor Bohdan St. Cherkes.

The journal consists of scientific contributions created by the professorial teaching staff of the Institute of Architecture of Lviv National Polytechnic University and other Ukrainian architectural schools, as well as colleagues from abroad who raise the urgent theoretical and practical problems in the field of architecture, urban planning and design. The selected materials are the outcome of a profound study of these spheres, and are of vital, scientific interest, supported by practical, experimental and empirical research.

I hope to see the journal take an honorary place in the realm of leading architectural research publications, not only in Ukraine, but also in the world community as well. I wish the authors, the editing committee and readers success in their scientific and creative endeavours.

Sincerely yours,
Rector of Lviv National Polytechnic University
Professor Yuriy Bobalo