information space

Information space in the context of information law

In the article the information space in the context of information law. Analyzed legal
acts regulating legal relations in the field of information technology, information systems,
information and telecommunication systems and networks, information, personal data,
electronic documents, electronic signature, e-government, information security, protection of
information in telecommunication systems

Using information technology as subject administrative and legal regulation

In the article the use of information technology as a subject of administrative and legal
regulation. Specific features information space and legal regulation of the use of information
technology in government bodies and local authorities, the problem of administrative and legal
regulation of media, information and infrastructure relations

Технічні аспекти опрацювання комп'ютером природномовної інформації

The article deals with technical problems of natural language information processing by computer caused by the presence of multiple character encoding standards and non-compliance by users with spelling and punctuation rules. The necessity of previous technical processing of such texts before their use in scientific researches as well as in various information systems has been grounded.

Features of development of the market of information and information technology industry in the context of the single information space

This article analyzes and development the problems of the information market and industry information and telecommunications technologies into a single information prostranstvo.Struktura and types of enterprise information presented in the global information market. Analyzed suppliers of information products and services to a wide profile and a certain type of information and the subjects of the Ukrainian media rynka.Problemy functioning computer market in Ukraine.

Legal aspects of the integration process of the national media in the information space of the European Union

Associate Professor, Department of Administrative and Information Law University “Lviv Polytechnic”, PhD., associate Professor. The article raises questions of improvement of legal support to the process of integration of ethnic media in the information space of the European Union. The features of the competence of the European Union in the fields of audiovisual policy, media policy and telecommunications policy, the development of European legislation in the information 221 depending on the improvement of information and communication technologies and media market.