pre-trial investigation

The matters of collaboration between the investigator and officers from other departments at the pre-trial stage

The article covers the analysis of definition, task, principles and forms of collaboration
between the investigative officer and other officers from different departments during the pretrial investigation. Taking into account the character and level of social danger that possess
criminal offences, the collaboration can be distinguished as situative and long-term. Taking
into account the legal regulation there can be designated procedural (legal) and nonprocedural
(organizational) forms of collaboration. Also, procedural forms of collaboration

Features of the implementation his procedural powers of the prosecutor at the pre-trial investigation of proof

On the basis of the consideration of representations of proving in criminal proceedings,
the criminal procedural law of Ukraine, modern prosecutorial and investigative practices
disclosed features of the implementation of its powers by the prosecutor in proving during the
pre-trial investigation. Grounded inconsistency of views of individual scientists do not admit
evidence of the actual data collected during the pretrial investigation. Based on the approach
to the definition of proving in criminal proceedings as a cognitive activity, which includes both

The possibility of reaching a compromise during the investigation (search) action

The paper study tactics laying compromise during certain investigative (detective) actions under preliminary investigation.
In conclusion tactical methods of compromise during the investigation (search) action is the most appropriate action on the proposal and grant concessions on the part of the investigator in exchange for mandatory pre-trial participants perform specific commitments aimed at achieving this goal. The article deals with tactics that can be used during certain investigations, namely