The contents of administrative responsibility for offenses in the sphere of ensuring road safety

The article raised the theoretical aspects of administrative responsibility for offenses in the field of road safety. Analyzes the elements of an administrative offense – object and subject of the offense, the objective and the subjective aspect in the field of road safety and road services in the context of existing legislation. Analyzed scientific views on the issue of administrative responsibility for offenses in the area of road safety from the perspective of the theory of administrative and criminal law.

Models and algorithms of data flows switching efficiency improving in all-optical telecommunications systems

Modern optical networks still in development to AON (All-Optical Networks). The main goal of all related works is providing the state-of-the-art optical switching techniques, designing of new solutions and applications.  The first stage in this development was circuit-switched optical networks. In those types of networks the incoming request would dropped in case of channel blocking.  Another case – packed-switched optical networks. In those networks, the data flows divided onto many independent packets. Nowadays, this technique is the most famous.

Model of dynamic management system throughput of the channel integrated wi-fi/gsm network

In this paper the possibility of increasing quality of service for mobile operator based on using of Unlicensed Mobile Access-Advanced (UMA-A) technology has been substantiated. It has been proposed a new way of increasing the efficiency of resources allocation of convergent network. The use of UMA-A allows releasing part of the radio channel resources in the places where overloads are observed.

Solution of traffic problems in the central area of Lviv

Deficiencies in the traffic infrastructure in central Lviv lead to congestion and obstruction of pedestrian movement as well as pollution, but the main reasons of these problems are not physical. They lie in the absence of efficient administrative and legislative measures for the management of stationary traffic.

Аналіз трафіку комп’ютерної мережі на основі експериментальних даних середовища wireshark

Проаналізовано трафік комп’ютерних мереж, отриманий за допомогою аналізатора мережевих протоколів Wireshark. Спостереження проводилось за такими показниками: сумарна кількість пакетів, середня кількість пакетів, середній розмір пакета та середня швидкість передавання пакетів. Отримані дані використовуються для перевірки теоретичних моделей.