Development and investigation of device for processing polymer materials by 3D-printing method

The analysis of the current state of 3d industry and prospects for its future. In the work, calculations were made and graphs of dependence were obtained, which influence the work of the auger and the installation itself. A new method of printing parts with polymer granules is described and the principle of operation of the equipment used is described. The picture of the working installation with the main components and the method of its attachment on a 3D printer is presented.

Portable System for Sampling Liquid Atmospheric Precipitation

The paper considers the possibility of determining the permanent and random sources of pollution of the environment by the level of pollution of liquid atmospheric precipitation. The problems of liquid atmospheric precipitation testing and monitoring of pollution concentration during precipitation are outlined. The expediency of developing of a portable system that allows collecting samples of liquid atmospheric precipitation in autonomous modes at different time intervals and periods of rainfall, regardless of the place of its installation, is substantiated.

Ways of Improvement of Operational Efficiency of Hopper Devices

The operation of hopper devices, which are used in industry, civil engineering, agriculture and transport, is analyzed on the article. The external factors, which influence the process of charging, storing and discharging of loose cargo (freights) from hopper tanks, are overviewed. The subject of research of presented paper is the improvement of mechanisms of fracturing of products hangs-up (bridges) in hoppers at the stage of designing and setting up of hopper devices.