dynamic integration

Designing the Semistructured Data Dynamic Integration System Using Mash-up Technology

This paper describes the designing of semi-structured data dynamic integration system using Mash-Up technology. The functional requirements to dynamic data integration system based on Mash-Up technology have been characterized. The algorithm of ontological models construction of all integrated systems and the algorithm of information resources getting from the integrated system has been proposed. The architecture and functional principles Shares and Discounts Mashup system of semi-structured data dynamic integration has been considered.

Застосування онтологій і метамоделей для динамічної інтеграції слабоструктурованих даних

This paper reviews the opportunities of the use of ontologies and meta-models for the creation of the system of dynamic integration of semistructured data. The process of the converting semistructured data into the structured information has been described. The dynamic integration of semistructured data at different levels of complexity (physical, logical and global) has been considered.

Аналіз інформаційних ресурсів системи динамічної інтеграції слабоструктурованих даних у Web-середовищі

This paper describes the analysis of information resources of dynamic integration system the semi-structured data in a web to determine common features of information resources and identify relationships between them. The process of creating the object adapter of identify common features of information resources and identify relationships between them using the rules of the method of "black box" method has been considered, based on the model of the general definition of resource description language and rules of access to resources.