Freedom of movement as a necessary element of migration system

The present article is dedicated to elucidating the issue of possibility to forecast movement of migration system, which immediately affects the community of states, tolerance and leniency towards migrants as necessary elements of the migration system, their conscious conduct in the field of observance of legal provisions and respect towards culture, mentality of population of the host country, which is also an element of this open system.

Application of synergetic concepts in the study of migration in philosophic-legal context

This article deals with the explanation of the meaning of such notions as “synergetic effect” and “synergy” and the need for application of synergetic concepts in the study of migration. Determination of the need for a new complex of the methods and views on the system of migration: it has to be studied as an integral unity formed by the structural order of its component elements to achieve the synergetic effect. The article states, that the ideas of synergy deserve special attention when defining the system of migration.

Methodology of synergetics in the study of migration

This article is dedicated to the issue of differentiation of the controlled though sophisticated structure and chaos of the system of migration, stability, dynamics of the system of migration, and the course of changes in relation to irritants. The study of migration synergy, including both the invariable characteristics (general signs of this phenomenon), and variable characteristics (selforganized and spontaneous order formation) of migration, sources of self-motion of the system of any (animated or inanimate) nature is recognized as ability to self-organization peculiar to it.