information and technological support

Intellectual System “Mobile Information Assistant of the Tourist”: Functional and Technological Features

The main objective of the article is to present general description and statement of purpose, content, functional and technological features of software and algorithmic complex that implements the concept of intelligent system “Mobile tourist information assistant”, developed by scientists from the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”. In the work the basic problem situations that arise in the process of creating intellectual information system of this class and methods and ways to overcome them are presented and analyzed.

Information technologies of learning-centered tuition support as a global educational trend

The features of the modern understanding of education as a learning-centered result-oriented learning are described. The learning individualization takes into account the psycho-physical development of the person, its abilities and special educational requirements in order to ensure favorable conditions for the full development of the personality. The concepts of individual educational route of student-centered learning throughout life, the individual educational trajectory, and the information-communication tools for inclusive teaching were proposed.

Інформаційно-технологічний супровід освітніх процесів для осіб з особливими потребами

The article deals with the specifics of the educational process for individuals with special needs. The IT support level of phases of the educational process for this category of persons was analyzed. The specificity of inclusive learning was considered. A model of IT support of the educational process for individuals with special needs was proposed.