instrumental errors

Intellectual angle sensor for antenna systems and its metrological analysis

The design and electron-optical scheme of intelligent opto-electronic sensor of absolute angular position are proposed. The sensor is completed by microconverter for data processing to implement the detection and compensation a number of errors that caused by mechanical nodes of rotating mechanisms. The principle of the operation of proposed angle sensor are based on themethod of determining the absolute angular position using a code disk with one track. Pseudorandom code sequence of track is composed of different widths sectors.

The device for remote measurements of parameters of antenna reflectors

The scheme of the device and the optical system for reflector surfacemeasurement is proposed. The device implements a triangulation principle in the determination of distance to a remote point. The optical system forms two coaxial light beams of equal intensity. One beam directed at a right angle to the base. At the initial stage of themeasurements second beamis direct in a manner to provide beams tracks juxtaposition on the beginning of the Cartesian coordinate system tied to the scanned surface.