international politics

Ukraine's Foreign Policy Guidelines in the Geopolitic Vision of Dmytro Andrievsky (20-s - 30-s of XX century)


The purpose of this work is to analyze geopolitical Dmytro Andrievsky’s vision in terms of Ukraine’s foreign policy objectives and its geopolitical positioning in both Eastern Europe and broader range of international politics. The work is carried out using the following scientific methods: method of historicism, comparative and analytical methods, and structured systems analysis.

Peculiarities of the development of Ukrainian cultural diplomacy in modern conditions

The article dwells on features of the Ukrainian cultural diplomacy in modern conditions. Cultural diplomacy is an important direction of the state policy. It opens prospects for social, cultural and economic development of the state, promotes distribution of information about the country through conducting cultural and art events, activities of cultural institutions, promotion of arts, cultural heritage and so on. It is noted that cultural diplomacy contributes to positive image of a state in the world, promotes development and strengthening of bilateral relations.