legal regulation

The human right to education in association Ukraine and the European Union: the essence and principles

The article deals with the issue of legislative regulation of the right to education. The analysis of national and international normative acts regarding consolidation of the right to education, the problems of reforming education in the context of the Association of Ukraine and the European Union. Consider optimizing the organization and conduct of research and common approaches to educational reform aimed at innovative character of education.

The problems of ensuring the inviolability of state borders of Ukraine

In the article the author presents the analysis of the essence of the principle of inviolability of border, the theoretical and practical problems of its realization in national law of Ukraine. Constitutional and legal foundations for its implementation creates the need for see full items prospects for improvement legislation in this area in terms of revitalizing the European integration processes.

The implementation of reproductive rights of citizens in the application of assisted reproductive technologies

The article deals with the legal regulation of assisted reproductive technologies in Belarus. The analysis of approaches to determining the place of the embryo in the structure of relations in the law of Belarus and foreign countries.

Peculiarities of part-time work: legal aspect

The article deals with the issues of part-time work. The analysis of the theoretical
principles and problems of practical application of part-time work in Ukraine as a legal form
of work organization is carried out. The current state of the legal provision and the purpose of
part-time work under the conditions of market economy are investigated

Features of legal regulation of public security in the European Union

The article deals with the peculiarities of legal regulation of public security in the
European Union. Analyzes the provisions of the European Security Strategy, especially the
legal regulation of the organization to combat terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, other factors that affect the security status of the United Kingdom, Germany and

Vectors orhanzatsiyno legal improvement practices of national nature reserve fund

Reveals the current state of objects of nature reserve fund of Ukraine, provision of maintenance of financial and economic resources to implement policies to protect the environment. Analyzed the system of economic instruments in implementing recreational activities.

Information and legal principles regulation of electronic money

The article raises questions of the legal regulation of electronic money in the development of electronic payment systems and information technology in the context of adapting national legislation to the EU. Functions of electronic money, regulatory support implementation of these functions, directions of improvement of legal regulation of legal relations in the use and production of electronic money institutions monitor the activities that use electronic money.

Legal consciousness as a way of lawful behavior

The article dedicated to investigate from the view of the theory of Law the impact of legal consciousness through the analysis of its components on behavior of individual. The purpose of the article is to study of legal consciousness as a way of lawful behavior. This publication was made through the analysis of three components of legal consciousness (cognitive, psychological, behavioral).

Rational formalization of law theoretical determination and practical dimensions

This article studies the connection between law and rights in the context of regulations. It concentates on the relationship of man and source of law, as well as the problem of dialectical connection with legal acts on the basis of interrelation, real impact on the society of positive and natural law. It accentuates the problem of representation and protection of human rights and responsibilities as objective phenomena in the law, as well as the problem of improvement of the legal form of modern social relations, its optimality, efficiency and reliability.

The legal regulation of state awards in ukraine and other states: a comparative analysis

The article deals with the comparison of normative acts that regulate the application of state awards in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries. Flaws of the Ukrainian legislation concerning the application of state awards are determined. Author makes a conclusion about the necessity of adaptation of foreign legislation that regulates the application of state awards into the practice of bodies of executive power of Ukraine.