: pp. 155-159
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article presents results of the research of themes of Ukrainian-language terms fixed in numerous articles, books and reports during scientific conferences since 1958 till 2018 by 156 Olexandra Serbenska, the famous representative of Ukrainian scholl of terminology, valid member of Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society, professor of Lviv Ivan Franko national university, distinguished professor of Lviv Ivan Franko National University, academician of Ukrainian academy of higher education. The article educes that the terminology field of research of Olexandra Serbenska who is well-known linguist not only in Ukraine consists of themes from: historical, general and functional science of terminology, Ukrainian terminography, chapters of theoretical and practical terminology of Ukrainian language, comparative science of terminology, and such branches of the science of terminology like terminology of law, communications, science of press, media, politology, Franko science and works of Ivan Franko. The article conducts the analysis of subjects of the selected publications of terminological aspiration according to divisions of science of terminology in articles by Olexandra Serbenska. The article selects the most represented thematical groups of researches in theoretical and practical science of terminology and tracks replenishing it by new modern brances of the science of terminology. Scientific articles and published reports were analyzed according to the following community branches: law, scientific and technical, science of language, translation, media, communicative, computer information and others. It is proved that professor Olexandra Serbenska is not only a researcher of the law terms – her research in the science of terminology is focused on applied science of terminology according to scientific, technical and community spheres. It is educed that terminological researches by professor Olexandra Serbenska can be divided into few groups according to theme range where the following terms were examined: 1) one terminology system; 2) terms in comparative aspect of Slavic languages; 3) terms in works by Ivan Franko; 4) separate chapters of science of terminology; 5) the ratio of national and international in Ukrainian language terms.

1. “List of publications by Aleksandra Serbenskaya” in the book “Oleksandr Serbenskaya” (Records, V. Lizanchuk, Lviv, 2014). (Series “Honored Professors of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv”). – P. 199–220.