Manufacturing process cutting tooth from application of radial-and-round formation process the cylindrical gear wheel

Lytvynyak Ya.М.

The processes of cutting indents provided functional descriptions of gear-wheels and this process are determine the technical or economic indicators of manufacturing processes by making the large modules gear-wheels. Effective direction by efficiency increase of these manufacturing processes is related to appli-cation the new gear cutting method radial - and - round formation (RRF) the continuous rotation of the cut gear-wheel purveyance. A process is carried out by a disk milling cutter equipped by cutting tooth from a carboloy and spe-cial instrumental rigging that is set to the hobbing machine-tool. A disk milling cutter is fastened with an eccentricity in the instrumental rigging. Treatment is conducted with a continuous rotation by the purvey-ances of gear-wheel and disk milling cutter In the article it is suggested to complement the instrumental rigging crank-type by a side scene mechanism. A disk milling cutter is set in one of three knots of this mechanism. A kinematics analysis allowed to get mathematical formulas that describe the trajectories of axis disk milling cutter motion of set in a certain knot crank-type side scene mechanism, and also mathematical formulas for the calculation of tooth profile gear-wheel. The investigational process of continuous radial - and - round formation (RRF) is characterized by a high yield, firmness of disk milling cutter, relatively by a subzero prime price, technological flexibility.