satellite gradiometry

Regularization method in determining of the zonal harmonic coefficients

The zonal coefficients of the gravitational field of the Earth up to degree 250 were determined from the gravity gradients measured on the satellite GOCE board. The stable solution was obtained by the Tikhonov's regularization approach. The comparison with other solutions was considered.

Reduction of the gravity vertical gradients to a spherical surface

The GOCE mission has produced gravity gradient data during 2009–2013 years. Various data sets were obtained, such as: tensor of second derivatives in different systems, satellite orbit parameters, the models of the gravitational field of the Earth. In contrast to the direct approach, space-wise-approach, and time-wise approach the construction of the spherical grid of gradients were orthogonality relationships are carry out, was developed via upward/downward continuation to sphere. This paper considers the vertical gravity gradients zz V (EGG TRF2 [Gruber Th., 2010]) in particular.