data integration

Content Integration Andmanagement Method of Information Resources Network of the City According to the End-user Needs

The paper of the method of integrated processing of heterogeneous information resources Web-systems for their integration and the subsequent management is described. A new approach to application and implementation of business processes for the construction of these Web-systems is formulated. The methods and software tools of content and information resource processing as the content life cycle stage inWeb-systems are developed.

Особливості формування інформаційного забезпечення туристичної діяльності

The article describes the peculiarities of the tourism activities information support, describes the role of tourism data consolidation as the optimal integration means of tourism data. The general scheme of tourism documentation formation based on the gaps filling is suggested.

Heterogeneous data processing in web-systems information resources

In the paper the method of integrated processing of heterogeneous information resources web-systems is described. This method is based on the model of data description as a coherent combination of data values, rules of data representation, interpretation rules and data structure. The method involves decomposition of general process into subprocesses of data values integration, data syntax integration, semantics and structure integration. The advantage of this approach is that the integration process can be performed at data metascheme level.