Method for Time Minimization of Api Requests Service From Cyber-Physical System to Cloud Database Management System

: pp. 125 - 131
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Software
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Authors have analyzed the current state of cloud calculations and discovered the necessity of Application Programming Interface (API) usage in some of the cyber- physical systems (CPhS). The expediency of creating tools to reduce service time of Application Programming Interface requests and effective synchronization of the local and cloud database has been established. The authors clarified one of the main features of data replication. The expediency of using counter generations in the replication process instead of using system timer has been justified. The authors proposed the asynchronous method of accelerated service time for API requests to cloud database management systems using a synchronization accumulative table and registering changes in database with two-step sets of generations. Library that provides implementation of asynchronous API requests for Salesforce cloud management systems has been developed. Any Ruby on Rails application can use this library. Authors have evaluated and carried out benefits for the proposed solutions in test cases. Results of the test cases confirm service time minimization of API requests to the cloud database management system based on the proposed asynchronous method.

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