Service for Monitoring the Conditions of Vaccination of the Population from Coronavirus Infection

: pp. 15 - 21
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Computer Aided Design Systems Department

Abstract: Health care is a system of measures aimed at ensuring the preservation and development of physiological and psychological functions, optimal performance and social activity of man at the maximum biologically possible individual life expectancy. The key goal of any health care system is the availability and quality of medical care, medical services, medical care. The main goal of any country is to build an effective model of the health care system and achieve the highest level of public health with minimal resources.

The purpose of developing a service to monitor the vaccination status of the population against coronavirus infection is to help users learn information about vaccination and general statistics in the country on vaccinations. This system is suitable for both qualified medical users and users who are unfamiliar with medicine but want to know more about vaccination data.

The article attempts to analyze the types of services for vaccinations and their alternatives. It describes the principle of operation of the vaccination service in the form of a report made on the application platform for visualization  of Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

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